Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I agree, a good day

After today, I feel I have some resources and a few skills for using Web 2.0. Foreign terms and phrases are sounding familiar and I have seen and talked about lots of applications for my students and myself as a teacher. Still feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I kept hearing good advice: chose one thing and work on that. And even within that one application chose one focus to start with (like a reading group rather than the whole class day.) I feel that could be manageable and I'm glad we have the wiki/agenda to refer to when, down the road, I feel ready to add something else. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.


Joseph Miller said...


The wiki will always be available (though the pages may be reorganized slightly in the future). I also hope that you find someone in the room that can give good advice and assistance. Jeff, Emily, Regina, and Jesse have been through a year and help a lot (plus they are all really smart, strong teachers).


Dave Tarwater said...


Remember we are all learners, just beginning (principiante). I try to always keep this thought in mind as I am introduced with new teaching tools and methods.

Jeff Lewis said...

I feel that many of these tools sat in my back pocket most of the year and, when I found a great way apply it to my teaching, I pulled it out and used it. Many tools are still in my pocket waiting to be used. As our GL network grows, we have more resources to turn to when we have ideas and questions.