Friday, March 30, 2007

Visualizations of 21st Century Global Learning

The creativity of 21st century educators humbles and energizes me. It is truly exciting to be involved in the endeavor to begin to investigate new ways of engaging current and future generations of learners. I found these two visualizations that for me have captured what our challenges are and what great opportunities await us. Take a look. What do these visualizations evoke in you?

The first is from Karl Fisch, Arapahoe HS. He produced this to show to the Arapahoe HS staff for a school year kickoff. Be sure to check out Karl's blog:

Did You Know? Shift Happens.

This next one comes from Jim and Tom. You can view their website at:

Shake It Up!


Joseph Miller said...


I love these two presentations. Karl Fisch's video is spread all over the internet and has been adopted by many educators. What I love about both is that they don't advocate for teaching "technology" to students. There are several videos circulating on right now answering the question "Why teach students technology." My answer is don't and I think that is the answer of these videos too...teach them the skills that allow them to out compete those students that are technicians.

Joseph Miller said...

BTW: The second video is from the same guys that brought us the cool comma quicktime videos.