Friday, March 9, 2007

ISTE releases draft of new tech standards for students

The International society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has recently completed a draft of its new National Educational Standards for Studentdes (NET*S). The first national standards for students was issued by ISTE in 1998. These standards have been adopted by 45 U.S. states including Colorado (view the states). "The new student standards mark a shift in focus away from 'competency with tools' and toward the 'skills required in a digital world' says Don Knezek, CEO of ISTE. We can all contribute our thoughts to these new student standards by completing an online "refresh survey". Click here to read the draft of the NET*S.

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Global Learners said...


I am impressed with the way ISTE has reorganized and rewritten the student standards to emphasize the "creative" and "communication and collaboration". I am not alone in the belief that this is the direction we need to head when we emphasize 21st century learning.

Last night I met the CEO of eBags and I asked him what they looked for in a new hire. He paused for a moment, then said, "the person has to be easy to work with." Then, he added that they need to be able to communicate about they are doing (even if that is writing code) and they should be creative and adaptable to changing demands of their jobs. If we focus on the ISTE standard of collaboration and communication and creativity and innovation we are emphasizing exactly what Jon Nordmark expressed as the most important skills.