Saturday, March 3, 2007

Real World Collaboration

Advocates of 21t Century Teaching and Learning frequently refer to project-based learning, authentic assessment, and real world collaboration. With a quick google or technorati search you can find oodles of classroom examples and definitions of these concepts. However, given that education (to many) does not actual reside in the real world, I wonder if teachers and administrators can clearly point to an example of real world collaboration. I hope we can all point to examples from our we use these with our students and are they compelling? I would love to hear examples of real world collaboration in response to this post.

Here is mine:

Last year prior to the release of CSAP scores (our state assessment), I proposed that we announce the results in a different (or even innovative way). I wanted to make sure that district staff were the first to hear from the Superintendent (they often complain they are the last to hear anything) and I wanted to demonstrate the power of new technologies. After a conversation with my brother-in-law Daniel Sallick of Homefront Communications, I proposed that we do a video news release on the web rather than a standard news release. I needed the assistance of the district video producer and the district application developer. The Assessment Department, Public Information, and Technology Services all had to collaborate and our timeline was short with about 5 days to plan, develop, and launch the news release. I wrote the text, one of the Assessment Department staff created data profiles for all schools, the video producer planned the shoot, edited the script, and created the final video. The district application developer altered the website to allow videos to be played within a page and ran countless tests to guarantee the video would play on the majority of computers. In the end the project ran smoothly and was satisfying as the launch garnered a lot of positive feedback.

Final product

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