Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Algorithm: An algorithm is a method, like a recipe, in that by following the steps of an algorithm you are guaranteed to find the solution or the answer, if there is one.

Teaching and learning in the 21st Century may not have a clearly defined algorithm. However as witnessed by the postings on this blog the "recipe" for 21st Century global learning certainly is a process that has many ingredients that may lead us closer to finding the solution (if there is one). While Ma and Pa may be a bit off, they do have a recipe that is intriguing. Check out their algorithm by viewing the video below.

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acsd14PIO said...

Fantastic clip, Dave. How'd you find that?
Great example of how a problem can be solved in many different ways, but certainly not always with the "correct" result.

Algorithm is an interesting topic. Certainly worth exploring as a problem of logistics/statistics, with all the fame of the Google Page Rank Algorithm (