Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Video Sharing For Teachers

A new video sharing site has popped up on the Internet called Teacher Tube. The site is specifically designed as a social sharing context for educational video content that is "safe". It is being contrasted with Youtube and Google Video with respect to the safety and appropriateness of the content. I took a spin of the site last night and found many hilarious and interesting videos. I think most teachers (and administrators) will appreciate this first video, which is a take-off of the hilarious Sprint network commercials.

Also, checkout this video. It is one in a series created by a teacher (from Texas) that is rapping about mathematical concepts. It is a little hard to hear all the lyrics, but the production is innovative and fun. I think these students might remember these concepts, what do you think?

In addition to these videos, there are videos on teaching concepts (estimating area under a curve or running literacy circles), student videos, and much more. In addition, it is a social site in the youtube model that allows for favoriting and commenting.

Videos can be flagged for inappropriate content as well. How they the site owners will determine what is inappropriate will be interesting. For example, the video I embedded at the top uses a copy right protected song (Push It). Will this video be removed? Should it be removed?

Thanks to Cool Cat Teacher who mentioned this site in her blog

What uses do you see for the content? What about for student work?


honestabes said...

If you don't generate some comments from that one, I don't know what will...
I think the Sprint takeoff for walkthroughs is brilliant - that's always been one of my favorite ad campaigns. No matter how many times I see it, it slays me.
I'm guessing that video is super-effective for getting across the message about walkthroughs to that school district.
And the perimeter rap is excellent - imagine the students learning the words and singing it in their heads while working on perimeter problems for their homework.
Awesome, powerful stuff!

Adam Smith said...

This is Adam Smith co-founder of TeacherTube with my brother, (Loyd) Jason Smith and Jodie his wife. I noticed that you wanted to find out who we are and what we are about. Our vision for TeacherTube is to create a community for educators, parents and students through blogging and obviously video uploading. My brother and his wife have been in education for over 14 years and I am, what my brother calls me, the "Tech Guru" of the site. You can tell that I'm the younger brother. I have a degree in Aerospace Studies from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and currently a Project Engineer for a construction company that builds schools in Dallas.

As stated in your comments, we want to keep this site safe of unwanted and inappropriate videos for educators and students to use. As our note says at the top of the site: "Keep it SAFE! Flag all Inappropriate Videos." If you flag an inappropriate video, it will notify us and we can delete the video in a matter of seconds. Obviously we are unable to get to all videos at once, but with the help from "You", the educator, student, parent, and user, we can really keep this commmunity a unique and helpful site.

Thanks agian and we will see you guys back at TeacherTube.


Adam Smith

Joseph Miller said...

I don't recall wondering who the founders of Teacher Tube are. Hmmm. I guess if you serach technorati and comment on blogs with your boiler plate you will always miss the point.

Adam ("Tech Guru"), as long as you are out there monitoring the blogs why don't you outline how you decide if a video has inappropriate content. Or, you could just tell us a little more about yourself.