Thursday, March 1, 2007

Raising Student Achievement by Closing the Digital Divide

Like many school districts across the country (perhaps including ours) Lemon Grove saw that many of the students and familes they serve did not have access to digital resources. Through a thoughtful plan and process that have bridged the digital divide for their community. They set out to create a digitally connected community of schools, city government, businesses, and families. The Lemon Grove School District is the first to become an education application service provider for an entire community. Visit their link to learn more about this amazing project.

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Global Learners said...

In fact, the Commissioner of Education mentioned Lemon Gtrove in his state of the state of education on February 7th. Check this link for the text:

The Commissioner says that the date are preliminary, but closing the digital divide appears to have closed the achievement gap for low income students! That rocks!