Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Wildlife Experience Powerpoint project

My second graders recently took a trip to the Wildlife Experience in Parker, CO. As part of our project we learned some vocabulary prior to going, practiced documenting with video and still cameras, then I set the students loose in teams at the Wildlife Experience to learn and photograph the parts they were most interested in so that we could create our PowerPoint presentations.
We decided to use the Smart Notebook export to PowerPoint feature for our PowerPoints. It is definitely easier for my second graders than making slides in PowerPoint. One draw back, as you can see in the attached SlideShares of our presentations, is that when you convert files you get some strange font size changes. We messed around with it for a while trying to fix it. Ultimately by the last Powerpoint we found that if we took a screen capture of the page we had built in Smart Notebook and then deleted the original page it uploaded all the content as an image.
The lesson is posted here.
The slideshows we made are on my classroom blog.

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