Sunday, May 1, 2011

What kind of technology should students use at each grade level?

About a week ago, at Global Learning Professional Development we discussed what kinds of technology we would like to see used at each grade level.

For kindergarten we would like to see students being able to use the two types of mice-desktop and laptop.Students should be able to collaborate and create(with teacher) digital story, voice threads, and a digital story. We want students to know how to navigate forwards and backwards on slide-show or web page, be able to close documents, and be able double click.

Every grade level would build upon the previous year. Just imagine what students will be able to do if they start using technology in kindergarten!

We are hoping that if we begin exposing our students to technology at such a young age that they will be proficient or advanced at using 21st century technology by the time they finish high school!

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