Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reflections on the year

The year as a global learner is coming to an end. In this post, I'm just going to reflect on my growth as a teacher using technology in the classroom. I was able to incorporate some blogging, movie making, and videos with my 5th graders during their reading group. I was able to use my SMARTboard daily with all of my groups. Technology proved to be so motivating for them. I wish I could've incorporated more, but I think I got a good start this year. It is tough in the special ed classroom to take time for experimenting with technology. I have some plans for the future, however:

1. I am trying to take a class in "Digital Storytelling in the Curriculum" as one of my electives for grad school.

2. I am becoming more familiar with technology in my own life. For example, I am running the Denver Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon for the American Cancer Society. I made my own blog for fundraising and for my family to follow my training. I think becoming more familiar with this on my own will help me be better about using it in the classroom.

Welp, folks, that's it for now... have a great summer!


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