Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plans for next year

1. I have found that some of my students don’t do the warm-up problem unless I walk around and check. To solve this for next year I am going to have all my warm-ups on clickers. I will have a whiteboard outside of my room that tells my students if they need to pick up a clicker or not for the day. I will prepare multiple warm-ups over the summer so if one morning I don’t have one prepared, I have some to use. This will ensure that every student must do the warm-up.

2. I hope to have stations every day for the first 30 minutes of class. The class will be divided into groups of 4. Half of the groups will be doing story problem groups. The other half of the group will be on This will allow me to gather the data I want from and I will only need 1 computer cart.

3. I will have a wiki that my students use often. I will include math games that review basic skills such as multi-digit multiplication and long division. It will also have power points we will use for the day, notes on how to solve certain problems, and activities students will need to complete using a computer.

4. At the beginning of the year I will have students use the smart slate to write the correct answers for the warm up. One goal for next year is for me and my students to use the smart slate more often.

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