Sunday, April 10, 2011


When writing these posts I usually try to set goals for myself. I heard once that if you make your goals public you are more apt to achieve them, so I here's my goal for this month: Engage my student teacher in more technology.
She is feeling more confident with technology each day, but I know that more practice and guidance from me, she will become proficient in technology usage.
This month my TC and I will be implementing clickers into math and reading which will allow us to collect and analyze data more closely.
I'm also teaching her how to create more engaging, yet simple, smartbaord resources for her to use in every subject.
As for my March projects, they both were a success! The kids created Toondoos that revolved around the beginning, middle and ending of a Junior Great Books story we had read. They blogged about the experience, but I have yet to click 'publish' on that one..still figuring out some details.
Happy Spring!

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Kelly Berry said...

Thanks for sharing your goal with us Kelsey. I think your goal is extremely obtainable and valuable for your TC and your students! Good luck with your upcoming endeavors.