Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Film Fest Fun: April Update

This post MUST start with a HUGE thank you to Kelly for helping me with my submission to the Film Fest. It has been an incredible experience that my students absolutely enjoyed. We created an Earth Day Public Service Announcement that was written and performed by the students. The main players researched Earth Day facts using a powerpoint and united streaming videos I created and the whole class performed an Earth Day song. It was a learning experience to combine all the necessary skills into one final product but I am so grateful for all I learned. The bluescreen proved to be a challenge that at first made me worried about the final product. However, as I spent the weekend editing all the shots, I found myself pleasantly distracted from the lack of bluescreen by the amazing information and performance of my kiddos! And that is what it is ALL about. They did amazing and I am so proud of them! I feel inspired for next year and hope my students do as well.
I will attach it as soon as I have the final product!

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