Friday, April 1, 2011

Graphing Data on Cities

I was unable to do many technology related lessons because of CSAP and my student teacher is taking over. We did a project that had students researching the 10 day forecast, demographics, and population over time for a chosen city. For the 10 day forecast we used . For the demographics we used (use “other free lookups” and then click the first time your city appears). For the population over time we used It was awesome because the students were excited about being on computers and looking up information of the city of their choice. I created a packet that gave directions on what to do and tables for the students to write their information. I provided graph paper and the students had to decide which graph to use for each set of information.

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Kelly Berry said...

Hi Anne,

Sounds like a great project you put together! Great way to use the resources readily available to all. Do you have any sample projects to post?