Thursday, December 2, 2010

Storytown Powerpoints on Atomic Learning For Primary!

One of the most valuable things I have learned from the past few months as a Global Learner is just how profound the impact technology can have on both student engagement and achievement. As a first grade teacher it can be a struggle to engage and support students in learning all the complexities of reading in English. Phonics and sight words can become a very mundane activity that overwhelms students. However, I have created interactive powerpoints that my students LOVE and are truly increasing their reading skills. I designed each powerpoint using the Storytown curriculum. For every lesson there is one powerpoint show that has all of the spelling (phonics) words and sight words. Each letter of each spelling word comes up when clicked and students learn to decode and blend with interactive words! I also include funny pictures to support ELLs and engage the students. They really look forward to seeing what new pictures I have every week! The sight words fly into the screen and also have funny pictures!! Last, there are sight word slides without pictures to remove the scaffold and challenge students to recall the words without the support of the pictures.
These powerpoints are available on Atomic Learning. So far I have completed Lessons 1-12. I will have the remaining lessons completed and posted by the end of this year. I hope this helps other first grade teachers using Storytown!!

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