Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Earth Science Lessons

This week, I updated my class wiki: with some Earth Science lessons that integrated UnitedStreaming, CPS Clickers, and digital images to help me facilitate my Science Foss Kit on Landforms. The lessons seem to really help the students stay engaged and comprehend the concepts. Landforms can be difficult for students to understand, as most of the landforms we study are nowhere to be physically seen or explored near the school. Also, the demographics of these students are such that most have not seen the different types of landforms in person, and possible experiments are limited. I've found using technology (videos, images, interactive groupwork, etc.) have helped students to learn these concepts more easily and successfully.

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Kelly Berry said...

Your lessons are clearly planned with each component of our teaching strategies (T4S)! I imagine your lessons flow smoothly with the students working harder than you!

It doesn't appear kept the links you had for videos. will allow you to upload links and videos. If the powerpoint is viewed from, viewers will be able to select links in your powerpoint, but not the video. If you allow others' to download your powerpoint, then the links and video will be just as you created. Interesting.