Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Final Projects

At the end of December the students will be creating their 3rd project of the semester. They have become very good at using Photo Story, Publisher, and Power point. The students love making these projects and have begun to ask almost every day, “Are we using computers?” I believe the project tie all the content together and hopefully will help them remember the material better.

This project includes setting up proportions to find actual distance between 2 places on a map. They will map out a road trip where they stop at 5 different places. First they must measure in cm the distance between 2 cities. Then they will set up a proportion based on the scale given to them to find the distance in miles. After that they will research one city and write a paragraph on their research. Finally they will use proportions to find out how long their road trip will take them. The final goal is to make a project on the computers describing their road trip.

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Kelly Berry said...

I look forward to viewing your students upcoming projects. Where you will post them? Your lesson sounds thorough. Using real world applications and tools is a great way for your students to create a project and apply their learning.