Monday, December 6, 2010

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling has been a very engaging endeavor for my kids, and a very challenging experience for me! Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the PD on the digital storytelling, and so I have tried to figure it out alone at the expense of many of my hours. However, it has all paid off ten-fold in the excitement of my kids faces. (It also helped when Kelly told me that it wasn't me, but a faulty microphone!)
For our fifth grade music program, the theme is winter, so every year we have a poetry contest for the students to submit their own creative poetry. This year, we decided that the students who were selected as winners would use Photo Story to publish their poetry, and then these would be shown throughout their music program for their parents. The response we got from the students has been extraordinary! More students submitted poetry, many of whom wrote the poems on their own time at home. The next test will be to make sure that we can get everything hooked up and working during the program! I'm continually amazed at exactly how motivating using technology is for students!

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