Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For the first time ever, I introduced my class (and myself) to blogging. We commented on blog's posted by another 5th grade class, and then my students were told they would be the next one's adding their own writing for the other class to comment on. My students loved reading the other students writing, and it was super powerful showing them that other 5th graders in the district were working on the same writing project as them. Once they were done commenting, they were busy at work trying to write the very best winter poems they could to post for the other class. The level of enthusiam and the quality of writing sky-rocketed since they knew their writing would be read by their peers. Now, every day they come in excited and ready to blog! What a great experience! As with the other technology I have experimented with, it was also extremely easy for me to implement in my classroom! Definately a win-win!

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Liz Springer said...

That's awesome, Colleen :) Robbie and I have also had our students share comments and posts with each other's classes for reading and math, and I agree that the kids' enthusiasm makes their final product much higher in quality than when they are only doing it to turn into me. Keep up the hard work and the experimenting with technology... your kids are so lucky to have you!

:) Liz