Wednesday, September 29, 2010

vernier probes and real-time data collection

Hi all. Thanks to the generosity of the Adams 14 Educational Foundation, we (Emily Klein, Kristen Edwards and I) received Vernier probe sets to assist us in real-time data collection. Students in IB biology are measuring oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide release for germinating peas in a variety of conditions.

Thanks again to Dave Tarwater and Joe Miller for supporting the GLer project and Gordon Sandeman (with others) representing the foundation.

How cool is science in the 21st C?



Kelly Berry said...

I want to learn with your students next time! (seriously)!. Will you have your students' data uploaded somewhere for us to view? Awesome work using 21st century technology Doug.

Joseph Miller said...

Heck yeah! Those look awesome. Keep us informed on how you decide to use them (maybe post some projects).