Thursday, September 30, 2010

Response "Clickers"

Hi all! I need some advice/help!
My 2nd graders are using their clickers more (I'm shooting for twice a week) and I would love to get some feedback on how you are setting them up in your rooms.

Are you giving them a time limit to answer each question?

What do kids do when they have answered and you are still waiting for a large portion of your class to answer? This seems to be a management issue for me.

Are you keeping them in desks or in the case?

Finally, have you used the 'instant' response question that is available? I feel like it's a good tool, however you'd have to record the correct answer somewhere, because you are not setting it up beforehand- right?

Thanks for your input, I can't wait to read the comments!


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Ms. Sealy's Class said...

I have started using in student managed option. This way the test or worksheet is printed out and each student can answer at their own pace. Nothing is on the screen then. This helped me with the management issue. Good luck!