Wednesday, September 29, 2010

blogging up and going.... can't say the same for the SPED collaboration website!

The month of September has been exciting for both my students and I! We now use our SMART board every day in 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade groups. The good news is... all of my students are still AMAZED by the magic pen!! STILL! My 5th graders are also up and blogging. We have posted once so far. They wrote about their favorite things to do on the internet since our first Language unit centered around computers and the web. Something I am very excited for is the installation of SOLO on my computers! Using word prediction while writing our blog will be an awesome accommodation for my students and make typing that much easier on them.

The other project I am trying to get up and going is my Adams14 SPED collaboration website. I've had meetings between Dave, Kelly, SPED admin, and I, now I just have to wait until the next Learning Specialist meeting to launch it! I (and many of the other Learning Specialists who have heard the rumors) are incredibly excited for this website to officially launch so that we can all stop reinventing the wheel and share resources efficiently! yayy! Anyways, check out my kiddos' blog and/or the SPED website! Talk to you all soon.


Dave Tarwater said...


You have done so much in such a short time. Keep the students going with the "magic" on the SmartBoard. I am also anxious for you to be able to rollout the SPED collaborative site. I know it will be a great resource for the entire district.

Liz Springer said...

Hey Kelly,

Wow, I'm with Dave... you've done so much in just a month!! Awesome! I'm anxious to see your blog and what the 5th graders have done so far and what you'll be doing with them the rest of the year. Great job!