Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Managing Spring Fever

It is utterly amazing how quickly the months are flying by! February and March were blurs with final preparations for CSAP, and then administering the assessment itself! I was so thankful for having and using technology in the classroom as added engagement and motivation tools. Dare I say CSAP reviews were "fun"? I don't know if I'd take it that far, but my team had a strong arguement as such with our kooshball and white board reviews in my room, and the clickers next door with my teammate. One could even hear a cheer now and then! Even now as we rapidly approach Spring Break, and classroom energy begins to spiral, I'm so grateful to be able to enhance my lessons and engage students with useful technology in the classroom.

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Melissa Garcia said...

I'm happy to hear that your students are engaged and enjoying themselves. I remember how much fun we had at the training with the kooshball activity. Keep up the good work!