Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Film Fest Fever

As the film fest approaches so does my focus on my student's film projects. They have written creative, imaginative stories that will be turned into films. I have the still and digital cameras, the Movie Maker program and very enthusiastic and motivated students. What is lacking is creative direction. Do they act everything out? Do they illustrate or find pictures and narrate? Do they do a combination of both?

I think the act of writing this post has given me the answer...let the students figure it out, because it is their project.

As a teacher I love to orchestrate and control to some extent what happens in my classroom. But sometimes you need to let out the reins and let the students take over.

Any advice about how to do that?


Kelly Berry said...

I think you did answer it! You and I should get together on some films... I have four kids working on films right now. Although they are only 6 and 7, they have so many ideas and it's awesome to see their creativity flow. Can't wait to see your students' films.

Emily Taylor said...

Thanks, Kelly. I can't wait to see your students films!