Friday, March 5, 2010

Got a sub? No problem! Hold class online!

I recently posted an article here on my teacher blog in which I reflect on the unique ability of teachers in the 21st century to continue to hold class, even when they are out, whether at a conference, sick, or taking care of other business. Today was the second time I was able to take advantage of the technology, and I think it flowed better this time than last.

Being able to post videos and links to other sites really helped with class discussion, and it definitely not only helped with plans for the sub (which basically said "have the students log into Edmodo and get the link for the live blog, then have them log onto the blog), it also helped to ensure a continuity of instruction.

As I wrote this, I was also watching/listening to a debate on leadership as seen in William Golding's Lord of the Flies via UStream, which of course only further demonstrates my point. This particular teacher and class had people from Denver (me), Atlanta, Germany, and Brazil all watching and listening to the class, and the students did an outstanding job.

In spite of the current political climate, and the feeling (nationally) that teachers are under attack and being asked to do more with fewer resources, I still feel this is an exciting time to be in education.


jddavis said...

I think this is great, Todd. About a month ago I had to stay home with my son, who was running a temp. I had a thought that it would be great, during moments like those where you couldn't be in the classroom, to have a student be able to tap into skype and "tune me in" - your experiences are influencing me to go further with this idea. What a great check-in that would be!

Joseph Miller said...

Yeah, I like that. Almost like on demand customer service for the sub and the class. Of course, that won't always work as sometimes we are too sick to participate from home, but many times this would work great. Thanks for the idea.

Kelly Berry said...

Very cool. I think many subs would appreciate having resources and engaging activities ready for the class.

mack said...
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