Friday, March 19, 2010


The new, cool "toy" I recently discovered thanks to someone I follow on Twitter is Jing. Jing is a nifty, free software program that you put on your laptop and/or desktop that allows you to screen capture still shots or even video. You can record whatever it is you want to record on your screen, then upload it instantly to You also get a link so you can post to Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else you see fit. I just added this to my laptop yesterday, but I can already see the advantages to this program. With it, I can record all sorts of how to videos then post the link to Edmodo for my students to refer to and watch as they need to. You can even mark up your screenshots, which has definite uses and advantages as well. I was going to wait and create a Jing video demonstrating how to use Jing, but I got too excited and had to share right away.


Liz Springer said...

Awesome Todd, I'll have to check this out!

Kelly Berry said...

Thanks Todd. It sounds like something very useful. Let us know how you use it!

DLo said...

Oh, Yay!! I was just about to ask about if such a tool exists! :)