Thursday, September 27, 2007

We all use math everyday-- NUMB3RS

I'm a huge numbers fan. I watch it on the CBS website whenever I get a chance. (Season premier tomorrow!)

They have teamed up with Texas Instruments and created the WE ALL USE MATH EVERYDAY site.

The basic idea is that teachers can use the weekly show to teach math (along with the TI calculator of course). It has a blog and some other cool features.

I'm pretty sure that all my geeky (term of endearment) math colleagues have already seen this. But, I wanted post it up here.

I wonder do math geeks really dig this show, or do they just watch it for the flaws? How accurate is it?

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Heidi B said...

That was a very cool website. I may just have to try one of the activities with my 'honors' kids.

Thanks Regina!!