Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Making them ready.

As I visit your classrooms, read your websites, blogs, and wikis I just know you are making them ready. I am honored to work with you.

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Kelly Schwichtenberg said...

Great video Dave!

When I first started the Global Learners trek, I'm not sure I knew the direction it would take me. At first, I didn't realize the true benefits of all my technology. Sure, I knew it would be great to have all of these great tools, but I don't think I was fully aware how OFTEN I would use it! I cannot imagine going back to my overhead projector. Everything is on my cart, on all the time and being used constantly. Even my students are used to our new tools.

One day I wrote their morning warm-up on the regular white board and one student blurts out "I can't see that. Where is our morning activity." Well, I know they could see the writing, but they were used to it being interactive...

Our students are definitely getting ready!