Monday, September 10, 2007

Meaningful Blogging

I'm trying to have my students create meaningful blog posts that will aid in learning. My first few weeks bombed. Today I had them look a few interesting blogs on my reader and then return to our blog to comment on them. Hopefully, as we practice it will become seamless. However, for now not all of them have their school email!

most of the posts so far have been amazing, check them out over the next few days and comment on them. I'm trying to let them see how global we really are.

From experience, Commerce City kids don't always get to see the bigger picture and this is really hard for imagine themselves in a bigger community. (Honestly, before I entered high school I didn't know there were music choices outside of rap and hip-hop! We don't really ever leave either: we bought a house next to my in-laws!)


Dave Tarwater said...

Please invite me to comment on your students posts, good stuff.

Joseph Miller said...


Thanks for inviting me to participate in your student blogs. You are pushing the envelope with what you are challenging our students to do. It is satisfying for me to see you adapting your project as you go to meet the needs of your students, but never lowering your expectations and never giving up on the power of giving these students a global experience. Great work.

MntyaFam said...

Yeah, I don't know that many people really even realize the bigger picture until later in life. I think some important things to do to assist with this are involving the children in music and arts. I am a big music and arts buff and when a good musical or play comes into town that I can afford I always try to involve my children. Another good way to show children a different side of the picture is taking them out in nature. Showing them that our world has so much to offer outside of Commerce City. And usually it is FREE. Hopefully, by doing this they will have enough exposure that they will be able to make great decisions from all the exciting avenues.

Mr. Tomas said...

I had a hard time with my first attempt at blogging also because not all students have the emails. It also seems the bigger the class the harder it is to get em all on track. But keep pushing them, once they realize we are serious they resistance will ease up.