Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Classroom Happenings

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a couple of classroom updates with you. First, here is our classroom blog. When we first began this journey, I didn't think I would choose to create a blog, but now I'm sort of addicted! Anyway, check us out!
We are not part of the "blogger" system, but you can always find us through our website.

Tomorrow, Thursday evening, is Back to School Night for Alsup. I have uploaded a podcast to our classroom blog. I'm hoping to have some student podcasts done for Back to School Night as well, but that depends upon our day of course!

Lastly, on our blog you'll find a link to a Responsibilities Wiki. If your students, or you, have time, our class would really like to know what responsibilities other people have!


Kelly Schwichtenberg said...

Here's a cute story about our Responsibility wiki:

At first the kids weren't too excited about the wiki at all. Probably because they're 6 and it didn't seem to apply to them. So we looked at a few names and we got to Dr. Lange's name. I said to the kids, "Do you know who this is?" The kids replied, "No, who is it?" I reminded them who my boss was and that this was her boss. "Cool" was the response I got. So knowing this still wasn't too exciting for them I went down and highlighted Joseph Miller. I said to the kids, "Do you know you this is?" With an automatic "No" from the kids, I proceed to show them various pieces of our new technology and tell them "This is the person who is responsible for getting all these awesome tools for us and making sure we use them". "Wow!" was a response I got from a few more kids this time. One student then pipes up, "Man, he must be rich...Ms. Schwichtenberg, is he rich?" I tell the child, "No, but he knows how to ask for money." A couple seconds go by, "I know how to ask for money too, can I have some of these toys too?"

Dave Tarwater said...

It never hurts to ask!

Joseph Miller said...

What a riot! Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Tomas said...

What a funny story, kids make the best connections sometimes!

Very cool blog site I loved that rhymin w/1st grade video.