Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Producers, Presenters, Participators

The basic skills our students and teachers must possess as Global Contributors are the ability to communicate and collaborate in the online worldwide community in a safe, secure, and confident fashion.
Producers: of interactive content, from podcasting to blogging to videocasting to digital sharing and beyond.
Presenters: of information, not just to their classmates in the local classroom, but to the world.
Participators: in shaping their learning and their direction in the world.
Our task is to define each of these roles and the skills we expect of each student and teacher.
For example, a producer of 21st century content should be able to host and/or contribute to a blog; create and publish a podcast; create, edit and publish a video presentation. A presenter should be able to develop dynamic content for presentation to both classroom participants in schools and online (similar to producer). And a participator must be able to use all the 21st century tools available to collaborate and communicate with the world.
The end result will be investment of students in their learning and their future.

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Global Learners said...

I agree those are some of the key categories to think of students in. The presenter category is especially compelling. Just think how many times powerpoint is mentioned as tech integration. What students need to know how to do is deliver great content (possibly) using visuals.

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