Thursday, February 15, 2007

Merging the Diverging

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Increasing there seems to be a divide being created between what we teach in our schools and its relevancy to student lives and relevancy to what will be required in the next decade. This is not to suggest that literacy, math, and writing are no longer relevant, but rather the mechanisms for teaching these skills and the context within which they are made relevant may be diverging.

As we rethink pedagogy in the coming years and examine what content, skills, and competencies are truly necessary we should be finding ways to merge what is diverging. There are four domains to consider: (1) what schools teach in terms of standards or content, (2) how we currently teach it or what strategies we use, (3) what are those skills or competencies that will be most valued in the 21st century, and (4) what do students actually do in their everyday lives. The challenge is to merge those areas into a strategy.

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