Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Digital Kids: Who are They and How They Learn

Some good discussion of what 21st Kids are like and the culture they live in now. Look beyong the vendor's interest (Apple) and ponder on some of the data that is presented. Is it any wonder that many of today's HS students feel a huge disconnect between their school life and the rest of their world. If we can just begin to move closer towards providing a school environment that more resembles the world of "Digital Kids" we are bound to see greater improvement in student achievement and involvment in their education.

Digital Kids

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Global Learners said...

Yeah, I agree. Students are seeing school as increasing irrelevant to them and their future. The pace of cultural change is so rapid that we cannot expect to do the same thing we have in the past and get reasonable results. Students still need to read, write, speak, do math, and understand science to succeed, but they need to understand how it connects to their world.