Friday, June 12, 2009

Live Binders

At our recent training, I talked to the group about Live Binders is a designed as a binder that you can organize websites (not just links to them), pictures, text, and files. You can share your Live Binder with others through embedding, emailing, and so on. The cool part is that when you add websites to that binder, it will be updated wherever you have shared it as well. There are lots of possibilities with this. One is to put a link to a Live Binder on the desktops of computers your students work on. Then, you can add or change the websites in that binder so your students don't have to type anything and you don't have to run around to all the computers first to add book marks.

Live Binders is still in the development stage. Presently, only one user account can edit a Live Binder. (We can't share editing rights.) Hopefully, this will be an added feature down the road. To work around this, I have created a GL account on Live Binders so we can all add to the GL binders. The username is global. If you don't remember the password, email myself or Dave.
I have started Live Binders for our Global Learner links. It is on the side bar of this blog, below the archive. If posters add the websites they post about, we will have a permanent place to look for those addresses and we won't have go back and look for that post in the archives.

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Dave Tarwater said...


Thanks for getting LiveBinders started for our group. I can't wait to see the implementations GL'ers will make with LB in their classroms.