Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day from far away!

Living far away from family is never easy, but Skype makes it all too easy!

I just got off a video conference call with my family back in Washington state. For Father's Day we all chipped in and got my dad a new archery bow. My mom called me earlier today and told me that she wanted us all to be on the phone when he opened it. I suggested that we use Skype instead. Luckily my brother (super computer savvy) was able to set it up from home. Without him, I never would have been able to convince my mother. After a 3-way conference call and 2 cell phones, we were all back together again! We had successfully connected my hometown of Granger, WA, Spokane, WA, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Denver!!!! For some reason we couldn't get video with the 3-way phone call, but we took turns watching the baby and the big kid open his present. Skype made it possible for me to spend Father's Day with my daddy. Wow, I'm constantly learning and amazed by technology!

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Dave Tarwater said...

Very cool, what a good daughter you are!