Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Grade Animals Internet Inquiry Lesson

Here is an Internet Inquiry lesson on animals. An internet inquiry lesson is a student-directed research activity in which the students choose what they want to study and research it on the internet. An important element of this type of lesson is the student reflection on the learning process. For first grade I have narrowed the topic of study for them and given them a single resource ( to go to using a bookmarked internet site to scaffold the learning process.
This is an interesting look at what can go wrong in a technology lesson. We had several interruptions, a camera problem, and a computer missing the bookmarked site. I left these parts in the video because it’s a realistic part of teaching. We were filming using the Small Wonder video camera but the batteries died. We improvised by taping the webcam to the tripod and filmed for a while using that until we could get some more batteries. As a result the video quality and sound quality is very poor at about minute five.
The lesson plans for this lesson are at (Animals Internet Inquiry.doc). The student artifacts are posted on my blog at


Dave Tarwater said...


Again your students show the amazing things they know and are able to do in your class.

Anonymous said...

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