Monday, October 8, 2007

Three Things Meme (K12online)

Regina Stewart tagged me for the "Three Reasons to Attend K12 Online Conference". The K12Online Conference is for educators from across the world that share an interest in integrating technology in the classroom. The conference, in its second year, includes presentation on "New Tools", "Learning Networks", and "Classroom 2.0" to name just a few of the conference strands. I intend to enjoy many sessions from archive (the live conference events and my work life are contrasting this week). Here are my three reasons for attending:
(1) Hope to extend my professional network. With the rapid changes in teaching and learning (and technology) it is absolutely necessary to have a network to share the burden of discovery and trying new things. Increasingly effective educators are extending their networks globally and improving their effectiveness in the classroom. One of the goals of the Global Learners project is to create a network in Adams 14 that is local (28 teachers) and virtual (28 teachers connecting across the internet and with the world.
(2) Learn from some the cutting edge leaders in educational technology. I have been watching David Warlick's keynote presentation. He is among the world leaders in educational technology and 21st literacy. I am learning a lot from him.
(3) Inspiration! Nothing inspires me more that seeing the success of others. I thrive on knowing that success in teaching and learning is within our grasp.

I tag the Alsup Global Learners
Emily Taylor
Jeff Lewis
Kelly Schwichtenberg

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