Saturday, October 6, 2007

k12 conference

Anyone following Darrens "A Difference" Blog knows that the k12 online conference is right around the corner. One of the ways they are encouraging students blogging (if I understand it right) is to tag (you're it) others and ask them to then tag others. See the post to read more.
So my three reasons for wanting to be involved in the conference is:
1. no travel required
2. Interested in hearing what good stuff can come from already respected participants
3. Find something useful to become a better teacher--(measured by students being more successful)

I tag:
Tonia J.
Joe M.
John P.
Dave T.
Izzy T. and
Tom D.

What's your reasons and who do you tag?
Any ideas about hitting the conference as a global learner team and sharing within our cohort?


Mr. Tomas said...

1. Dont know what the conference is
2. dont know what it's about
3. dont know when it is

Dave Tarwater said...

Thanks Regina, this is a great opportunity for all of us. Perhaps we can do some "jigsawing" activity at the conclusion of the conference.