Tuesday, October 30, 2007

3 months down....

Hey Global Learners!

As of next week, we will officially be 1/3 of the way the way through the school year. For those of us who are secondary teachers, we are preparing for a new term!

I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to reflect on the past three months and make goals for the next three (or six).

I know that each of us has picked at least one tool that we have crafted into our own and fit it into our classroom. I'm anxious to know what that is! How have you done this? What was the process like for you and the students?

I know that Dave and Joe sent out a survey to gain feedback...but I want the juicy details!

I think our group is fantastic because of our amazing collaboration, so I thought that this would be the best way for me to become better at something that I'm not yet trying.

Please comment or post on your blog and link back here on your experiences and plans for the future!

Thanks! Tonia


Mr. Tomas said...

Im excited to see this group get together again and share some of the great things that are being done!

In my classes I have used the Gizmos at least once every 2 weeks. I have also created a few videos of how to solve equations and used my website to have students rpint formula sheets.

I hope to see everyone soon

Stewart said...

I have not come close to my expectations that I had set out for myself. I think that the majority of it is the fact that this is my third year teaching and with no previous educational training, I still feel like I am just learning how to teach. I get so quickly behind on the daily plan, grade, and meet routine that all of the projects I hoped to keep up on are put on hold. I love that we get to start fresh with the new term, so I am looking forward to taking baby steps forward.
My main foci have been using the web 2.0 myself to network and gather ideas. I am trying to let everything soak in. I have also started a presentation piece with my small and advanced group using the smart board and digitally recording their presenatations. Next term, I hope to set up wiki's for my classes, rather than webpages, and update the webpage and wiki's often. By third term, I hope to have most of my notes and lessons already done on the computer and linked for students' access so that more class time can be spent practicing rather than note-taking. That was a big aha moment for me, realizing how ineffective note taking is. They will always be able to google it and have the information at their fingertips. I am not the "provider" of knowledge. I should be guiding them on how to learn and use the information that is already out there.

Joseph Miller said...


Thanks for starting this thread/meme. Maybe everyone that feels comfortable could use the tag "3monthsdown".

I would love to see you reflection on Global Learner. I know you actively reflect over at http://toniajohnson.blogspot.com/, but I would love to see a "3monthsdown" cross-posted here.

One of the un-intended benefits of this intiative is that district-wide leaders are emerging. When we conceived of the program we imagined that the Global Learners would be high-profile and looked to as leaders, but honestly we had no idea what that meant. In three months I am amazed at what all you have done as leaders in Adams 14 Schools. Thank you all for leading.

Joseph Miller said...

Regina makes the point that a lot of this requires babysteps. Making the classrooms technology rich in an effortless way will come. Regina also pointed out that the best way to make this a part of teaching is to begin by doing it yourself. Read blogs (this one in particular), comment on blogs (this one in particular) and participate in a network.

Build your network by supporting the things other teachers are doing. Comment on their blogs. Encourage their students.