Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm It

Thanks for tagging me Regina! I am attending the K12 online conference for these 3 reasons;
(1) I want to see how many connections I can get on the attendr map.
(2) The 3 F's mantra of the conference.
(3) I want to make sure I don't chop off the invisible tentacles of digital natives or Global Learners.

From viewing the keynote of David Warlick and looking at many of the "teasers" posted by the presenters I know investing some time in the K12 online conference will be well worth it.

I am tagging all the new Global Learners: Anna Mendez, Heidi Bornemann, Gregg Laino, Nick Tussing, Lucas Eagon.

Yippe for the flat classroom with no gravity.

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