Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fun with Math

Couldn't resist sharing this site from WikiHOW. I have found some really humorous "how to's." This would probably be saved for Sophmores who could handle this type of lab activity.
How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs
Definitely an interesting way to find Pi and took me a minute to figure out how it works (but there is a proof linked if it becomes too hard.
Anyone willing to try it? Any other "How Tos" that you found there?


Israel said...

WOW! whoever figured out this experiment must've been really really really really really bored. How did they link PI with food fighting?

I think i'd be tempted to throw the hot dog at peoples heads!

Joseph Miller said...

Anyone at ACHS willing to try this? Give me the time and place and we will film the projct. This would be a great engaging project for students as the school year winds down.

Dave Tarwater said...

That is fun with math! I'll supply the frozen dogs for anyone that wants to try this. Pi sites are prevalent on the web, I ran across one named that has lots of teacher resources. Check out the Pi rap link on, it is pretty amazing. Who is up for celebrating Pi day next March 14, 2008?