Sunday, May 13, 2007

Early Adopters Announced for Global Learners Project

Adams County District 14 is pleased to welcome 10 more participants to the Global Learners project. The latest group to be added are called Early Adopters. These ten were selected from 34 applicants to receive a significant infusion of equipment and professional development with the ultimate goals of engaging students and improving the 21st skills and competencies that the students are going to need when they leave our school system.
The Early Adopters are:
Callie Brownlee (KMS-Math Coach)
Jon Fisher (Kemp-2nd Grade)
Tonia Johnson (ACHS-Reading)
Fred Kreienkamp (KMS-7th Grade Social Studies)
Jeff Lewis (Alsup-3rd Grade)
Jill Minzak (Rose Hill-2nd Grade)
Andrew Palmer (Central-Technology Teacher)
Wesley Robinson (Monaco-5th Grade)
Kelly Schwichtenberg (Alsup-1st Grade)
Emily Taylor (Alsup-4th Grade)

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Dave Tarwater said...

Congratulations to all of the "Early Adopters". I look forward to seeing all the wonderful 21st Century lessons and projects that will be created and shared. Thanks to all of you for choosing to be Global Learners.