Friday, May 11, 2007

Engage Learners Visually with Digital Projection

Using a digital projector in the classroom opens up a whole range of uses to visually engage learners. From the obvious of displaying general computer applications such as spreadsheets, presentations, web based resources to specialty applications like Geometers' Sketchpad and unitedstreaming clips - bigger can be better. Most digital projectors like the Epson 3LCD can attach to video cameras enabling large screen viewing of almost everything, such as; science tools and projects, works of art and literature, student work of all sorts. Imagine a large venue "show and tell"!? What would you project on the big screen? Jim Moulton at Edutopia has some thoughts on this very subject.

For all you Global Learners that have a Dell Latitude D520 laptop check out this video to maximize your projection capabilities.


Israel said...

Cool post Dave! Are we going to practice on how to do the voice and visual you created here or did I miss that in the first trainig?

Joseph Miller said...

We will definitely get this. A feature in the SmartBoard is the ability to do screen casting. We will get to that soon as a method to share what you are doing with students and colleagues.


Dave Tarwater said...

Rumor has it we will be working with wireless microphones. I may even do some singing?? ugggh!!!