Monday, January 31, 2011

Writing Letters Via the Collaborative Blog

As we are quickly approaching CSAP, writing has been identified as an area of weakness at our middle school and something that we would like to do more of in the content classes.  Since I started the collaborative blog with Doug last semester, it seemed natural to make this the vehicle for the wring in my own class.  It is definately a work in progress, but I am really enjoying the use of the blog as a way to solidify science knowledge and as a writing support vehicle. 

The latest two entries to the blog are both letters to a third party.  The first blog entry was a persuasive letter to the rulers of a mythical planet explaining how seasons work (to convince them to alter their tilt so they would enjoy the benefits of seasons as well).  I don't think I set this one up very well, so the writing is weaker and any suggestions on this would be appreciated.

A Tilted Planet

The second blog is an expository letter designed to teach younger students about the phases of the moon.  I think I did a much better job with creating a graphic organizer for the writing and modeling the process, but I need to figure out a way to make the writing more fluid.

A Month of Phases

Feel free to comment on any of the posts as the students have loved to get feedback from other teachers and students.  Also, any ideas or thoughts would definitely help me to refine my blog use in the classroom

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