Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking for 2nd Grade Friendly Websites

I am looking for any 2nd grade-friendly websites that I can use in my classroom. I have tried Glogster and would like to try something different. Any ideas?????
I would be having my students that are already at grade level working on this during our reading center time, or at least a portion of it.
I have had them use the Smartboard and blog, but would like to try something new.
If you have any ideas, they would be appreciated!



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Joseph Miller said...


Not sure how time is integrated into the 2nd curriculum, but I was messing around this this site the other day.

I wanted to use it with Oscar because he was struggling with reading time. It was too advanced for him, but probably would not be for 2nd graders.

This site also seems kind of cool:

Also, does have some free activities and movies for kids. These are usually pretty good.

You could have them watch something on Discovery Streaming (say a Magic School Bus) and then write a summary. Ok, that might be a little hard.

Oscar's school uses Everyday Math, so I have also looked at this website as a source of activities. Not all are good, but there are ideas.