Sunday, January 30, 2011

Using centers and student choice

At this point in the year, my students are trained and confident in uisng Moviemaker and Powerpoint. I taught this explicitly uisng the Storytown Theme 1 project using the movie maker,and the Theme 2 project uisng powerpoint. For Theme 3,the students were able to choose from either.In the theme 2 project, the children had to pick a historical event. I used Kidspiration in small group,where the children made a graphic organizer using questions to guide their research.
On Theme 3,the students explored different geographical locations and were responsible for telling, in their technology project, how it was formed.You can check these student projects out on my wiki.(under student projects)
I am not sure how to post power points on blogger. Let me know if it is possible. Since it is a weekend, the rest of the projects are still on the computers at school,but I will try to get the rest of them up on the wiki by Monday.
Overall, I am proud of the progress the students have made.I feel that technology is very present in my room,and has been integrated successfully in centers. This will be a great help when the children start preparing for their IB exhibition presentations.

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Kelly Berry said...

Hi Deb! What a great use of student independent work time. I look forward to seeing the new choice projects!

Two thoughts for the uploading. You could upload the Powerpoints to VoiceThread or Authorstream. If the projects get loaded onto VoiceThread, they can be available for comments!