Thursday, April 1, 2010

VoiceThread Math, Project-Based Learning, and Assessment

Here is the long awaited VoiceThread math project. Feast your eyes on the splendor of the -Oh, heck! Who am I kidding? Sometimes technology projects are down and dirty and sometimes they just should be. I like the idea of leaving the glamor behind and just going for the functional.

Anyway, I'm taking a course right now on assessment and we were recently asked to complete a survey of the strengths of our current assessment system. Some of the questions ask if my assessment system:
Provides interesting, active, exciting experiences?
Examines students within the context of their natural learning environment?
Puts emphasis on student strenghts?
Treats each student as a unique human being?
Engages the student in a process of self-reflection?
The survey (from -link no longer active) goes on and I paraphrased a bit but I realize many of the assessments we do give students do not meet any of these criteria. The assessments that come closest to approaching these are the ones I do in conjunction with technology rich lessons. The project-based lessons I have been implementing more frequently are a step in the right direction. I'm trying to use more Universal design in my lessons. I'd like to hear from other teachers implementing UD and your thoughts on assessment.


Kelly Berry said...

Oh assessments. I have recently come to the conclusion on performance based assessments (PBAs) and projects using technology that I have to let me perfectionism go. Meaning, I may not have all 28 students complete the same type of project because not everyone is able to complete projects within a timely manner. I give them choices as much as possible and keep them within parameters I can facilitate. As I gain my repertoire of lessons and assessments, it has become easier to integrate PBA's and technology tasks. We should share assessments more!

Webmaster said...

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