Monday, April 26, 2010

Prezi for mind mapping!

I'm sure that I'm late to the party on this site.. but I just tried using it and I'm giggling like a little kid at all the possibilities. This site is cool because it allows you to create a mind map about a topic and then run through it like a PowerPoint. You can add graphics and video. And the best part of all is that its free for educators and students!

I can see lots of different applications for this ~ end of the unit project, KWL, introducing a topic, and having students create one as a summary project. I'm going to try to get my AVID students to do one for presenting their book reports.

I worked up one here for fun.... You can navigate through it by clicking on the "play" button at the bottom of the frame.

So... just a little something to play with. I can see it being really fun on a smart board!

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Jennifer Lindberg said...

I'm becoming a HUGE Prezi fan! A couple of students have been experimenting in my class, and are really getting the hang of it! My husband has gone back to school for a BSN, and after showing him the potential, he set a new standard in presentations in his class!