Tuesday, April 13, 2010

March in April

March flew by and was filled with lots of technology and fun for my students. I ventured into new territory and created my first Voicethread with my ELD group. They summarized and illustrated the story "Lost". This story is about a girl's adventure trying to find her lost beagle. They did an amazing job and look forward to doing it again.

The next task in March was to dive into Atomic Learning. I modified and math module called Smart Money. I especially liked this activity because it tied literature to math. The students were required to read the poem "Smart" by Shel Silverstein, then then show their comprehension via math using money. I will post a link to a student example soon.

Finally, Jen Lindberg and I guided our math classes in creating a fraction challenge for each other's class. The challenges and results can be viewed on our perspective classroom blogs.

One of my fondest memories from March was how cool my ELD group thought is was when they saw how many people had viewed their Voicethread and that they could watch a video of someone else complimenting them on their work.... very cool to watch their faces glow!

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Kelly Berry said...

March did fly into April and now it seems April is flying into May. Thanks for sharing all of your work on your blog and here as well. I look forward to seeing your next posts with student work.