Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flipping Out

I'm getting excited to get to work on the biggest film endeaver I have ever undertaken! Luckily I won't be alone. Laurie and I will be working together on it for our second collaborative project of the year. I am excited to try out new flip cameras with my students that I received from writing a mini-grant. I am hoping that they will be a little more user friendly than the other digital video cameras I have access to.

Ms. Arnold and I are going to have our students make films that are published versions of creative stories they will be writing. Ms. Arnold thinks I'm "brilliant" so it must be true! ; )
Anybody else making films for the film fest?

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Kelly Berry said...

I look forward to hearing how your new "flips" work. If they work easy for your project, I may also write a mini-grant to get some for my class to use!